What Makes Burnaby Karate Academy So Great

At Burnaby Karate Academy we treat everyone in our dojo like family, and believe this is the way all martial arts schools should operate. Each of our members is treated with kindness and respect, and as a result each member treats others the same way (it’s contagious!). We believe in leading by example. Not just the ‘do as I say’ ideal, but actually the ‘doing what I am doing’.  This is why all of our instructors are not only elite level competitive athletes who have been training for many years, but also positive role models for students young and old.

Burnaby Karate Academy has something to offer EVERYONE! Often times, people hear of karate and think that it’s just for young children or teenagers looking for a fun sport to try out, but really it’s much more than that! Burnaby Karate Academy strives to meet the goals of each member. Whether you are a 5 year old kid whose been put in karate to develop basic motor skills and proper manners, a 14 year old who is looking to learn strong and effective real-life self-defence or an exciting combat sport, or even a parent who is looking to get fit and lower their stress levels in a welcoming and motivating environment, Burnaby Karate Academy will change your life.

Our main priority is creating kind, caring, strong, disciplined, motivated, and focused people. Really, that is what it’s all about. It’s not how hard you can punch or how high you can kick, it’s the kind of person you become through hard work and training. Seeing a student make positive changes and grow as a person is truly the most rewarding thing for a Sensei to see.

With that being said, Burnaby Karate Academy has a reputation of being the powerhouse of sport karate in British Columbia and is ranked in the top three karate schools in all of Canada in producing champions and national team members.

Burnaby Karate Academy’s instructors are all home grown and are put through a rigorous training process before being permitted to teach a class. The BKA teacher’s program involves 3 years of accumulating volunteering experience, practical teaching simulations, and an in-depth analysis of both basic and advanced techniques.

Our structured Belt testing process teaches students to set goals for themselves and to work hard in order to reach those goals. Our ranking system motivates students to do their best, and also helps to teach leadership. Success in reaching goals develops confidence, and having confidence in oneself is the pre-requisite to having self-esteem.

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